Our extraordinary world is under threat. The time to react is now.

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Transforming our relationship to nature

Decisive action is needed over the next decade to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, avert catastrophic climate change, and ensure future human and planetary health.This moment calls for determined leadership and ambitious collaboration from global organisations, governments and business, alongside concerted pressure from civil society on policymakers and businesses.

To succeed, together we must achieve five breakthroughs for nature:

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Why FFI?

Our biggest challenge yet

Without immediate, groundbreaking action to protect and restore nature, we will be responsible for the sixth mass extinction and fail to protect the very ecosystems that sustain life on Earth. The solutions aren’t simple – but they are possible. FFI has a proven 120-year history of recovering species from the brink of extinction and transforming exploited environments back to abundant health in projects all over the world. If there is a challenge, we solve it through pioneering interventions that deliver for nature.



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Ask the UN to commit to $500bn a year for nature.

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FFI works on over 140 projects around the world protecting threatened species and habitats. Donate to support our vital conservation work on the ground.

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Our Five Breakthroughs for Nature are fundamental for a healthy planet. Share the solutions for a prosperous natural world.

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FFI’s scientists and staff are pioneering the latest conservation methods around the world to target the biggest threats to nature. Contact our specialists for further advice and information on the Five Breakthroughs.

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