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Urgently deliver at least an additional $500bn annually to protect and restore nature

Giving back to nature

The world spends less than $90 billion a year on conservation and nature protection. In comparison, governments spend more than $5 trillion every year on subsidies for fossil fuels. We must divert funding from harmful activities and into the protection and recovery of nature.

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$500bn to protect and restore nature

Putting funding in the right place

The protection and restoration of the natural world receives a fraction of the funding given to harmful industries.

The Paulson Institute report examining the biodiversity funding gap estimated that agricultural, forestry, and fisheries subsidies that degrade nature are worth between $300bn-$600bn – two to four times the amount that flows into conservation annually. This doesn’t take into account fossil fuel subsidies, which the IMF calculates are worth $5.3 trillion annually, with direct subsidies valued at more than $520bn.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity calculated that $900 billion was needed to protect and restore nature worldwide. The proposal for a $500 billion yearly funding commitment would scale upwards by $50 billion year on year.

$500bn to protect and restore nature: our work

Financing forest protection

The destruction and degradation of forests is one of the primary causes of the climate and ecological crisis. This deforestation is estimated to contribute between 15% and 25% of global carbon emissions. Paradoxically, it can be more financially profitable to destroy a forest than to protect it. This is why FFI has been at the forefront of a concept called REDD+ (shorthand for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation), which creates financial incentives for countries to ensure forests – and the carbon stored in them – remain undisturbed.

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Governments, international bodies, investors and donors should work to redirect harmful financing and investment to nature-positive activities, and create the conditions for more nature investment. These changes can increase by at least $500bn the amount directed into the active protection and recovery of nature.

We want to see

$500bn to protect and restore nature: actions

Redirected and new financial incentives

  • The removal of subsidies that are harmful to nature, including those for fossil fuels, destructive fisheries, damaging agricultural practices and inputs, with that financing redirected to support nature and conservation initiatives
  • Introduction of weightings for nature and climate that shift the balance of financial allocation and project financing decisions taken by investors away from destructive industries and activities and towards nature-positive industries and activities
  • The creation of new financial mechanisms and the scaling of existing mechanisms such as REDD+ to deliver climate finance back to local stakeholders and into the continued protection of natural carbon stocks and sinks

$500bn to protect and restore nature: actions

Better enabling conditions and meeting of funding commitments

  • Creating the enabling conditions and level playing fields for greatly increased private sector and philanthropic investment in nature-positive and climate-positive outcomes
  • Prioritising, committing to and delivering on increased grant funding for nature-focused initiatives by wealthy nations in poorer countries that are most at need, to achieve ambitious commitments in multilateral environmental agreements

Sign the petition and demand £500bn for nature

To coincide with the 2020 UN Summit on Biodiversity, FFI delivered a letter to the UN Secretary-General – signed by almost 150 conservation groups from over 50 countries – urging member states to collectively commit an initial $500 billion in funding for nature conservation worldwide. Join us in calling on the governments of the world to step up and take this responsibility seriously – before it’s too late.

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Ask the UN to commit to $500bn a year for nature.

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