Why FFI?

A history of achievement

Established well over a century ago, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation. We have a proven track record of success in rescuing species from the brink and restoring environments to abundant health all over the world.

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Why FFI?

Ready to meet the challenge

Today, our natural world is facing the biggest challenges ever witnessed in human history. Climate change and the unbridled exploitation of natural resources pose unprecedented threats to nature and to all life on this planet, including our own. The need for effective conservation action has never been more urgent.

FFI has almost 120 years’ experience in conserving the world’s threatened species and ecosystems. Our track record in tackling these challenges is second to none. Throughout its history, FFI has repeatedly broken new ground. We were pioneers of the capacity-building concept – putting conservation in local hands – and many of our innovative, landmark programmes, underpinned by robust research, are classic examples of conservation best practice. Working with policymakers, business leaders and grass-roots organisations, we are tackling the twin climate and biodiversity crises head on.

Our Impact

The challenges we face are great, but we can be inspired by past advances as we seek to achieve new breakthroughs that could help save a world under threat. Examples abound of our work to protect and restore nature, standing shoulder to shoulder with the communities who understand what action is needed where.

our work so far

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Our impact

We protect 50 million hectares of habitat worldwide

Worldwide, we are helping to protect around 50 million hectares of crucial habitat that includes forests, peatlands, grasslands and seagrass meadows. Collectively, these intact ecosystems prevent the release of the carbon equivalent of nearly three gigatonnes of CO, comparable to more than half the annual emissions of the United States.

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Our impact

We support local people in over 40 countries

Empowerment of local people permeates every facet of FFI’s conservation work at its hundreds of project sites in almost 50 countries. That means technical, financial and other support to local organisations, government departments and communities in countries with limited resources – protecting nature and transforming thousands of lives. The people who know best how to safeguard nature are those who live alongside it. We know what it takes to support them.

Our partnerships

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Our impact

We’re pioneers of cutting-edge conservation

We have a track record of success in all aspects of 21st century conservation. We’ve helped local partners hold the line against a poaching onslaught threatening the largest remaining population of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. We’ve helped cut elephant poaching to zero for an entire year across Mozambique’s vast Niassa National Reserve. We’ve ensured communities benefit from mountain gorilla tourism and other conservation initiatives. And we’ve restored over 30 Caribbean islands to their former glory, saving countless endangered species in the process. Every project, every habitat and species protected, is a victory against extinction.

Our projects


Our impact

We’ve been empowering conservationists worldwide for over 30 years

The world is home to 1.8 billion young people – the largest generation of youth in history – who are leading the way in holding decision-makers to account, and who will bear the greatest cost if we fail to act to protect nature and stabilise the climate. Through the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) – a partnership of FFI, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society – grants, training, mentoring and networking opportunities are provided to budding young conservationists around the world. Since its formation more than 30 years ago, this programme alone has funded more than 700 projects and 147 paid internships in over 100 countries, and helped to kick-start the careers of nearly 3,000 conservationists.

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